Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tennis Hall of Fame

When in Newport, you must visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame. 

The museum site dates back to 1880 and its historic grass courts are the world's oldest continuously used competition grass courts, which are also the only competition grass courts open to the public for play.

There is a restaurant attached to the museum where you can sit outside, grab a drink and/or a bite to eat, and enjoy the view of the grass courts. Be a true tennis connoisseur and order a Pimm's Cup!

When we were there, we were lucky enough to catch a Court Tennis match being played. Court Tennis, or Real Tennis, is the game from which all racquet sports evolved, dating back to the Renaissance era. The game is housed in a cavern-like 90' x 40' court with a red cement floor and is confined on the sides by towering gray slate walls.

 Enough verbal jargon, just check out the pics below: