Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oriental Rugs

In this month's September 2013 edition of Architectural Digest, the magazine features a look inside Ralph Lauren's Bedford, NY home. Of course, the look was nothing but tasteful and well done - I could move into the place in a heartbeat.

One thing that did particularly catch my eye was the layering of Oriental Rugs in the living room. Not only was there doubling up of Oriental Rugs, but his living room actually does a triple play of the decorative flooring.

You could tell the rugs had been well aged because they were so thin, which might attribute to why it is okay to have the multiple layering. I don't know if I could pull it off, but either way, I really like the move.

Above photo provided by Architectural Digest

Oriental rugs are a classic interior design that never seems to go out of style. Whether you are lucky enough to inherit one, or just splurge on one yourself, its an investment worthwhile and a gift that keeps on giving. Here are some that were fortunately passed along to us: