Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Brunch at Paggi House

*** UPDATE: Paggi House has unfortunately closed as of May 25, 2014. ***

Recently we found ourselves indulging in Sunday brunch at Paggi House. It was a lovely experience, starting with the refreshing mimosas and bellinis. 

As you are perusing the menu, they'll start you off with a wonderful assortment of pastries. Already off to winning me over and I haven't even ordered yet!

On Sundays, it's a pre-fix brunch where you pick two of three courses - Sustenance (Appetizer), Succulence (Main course), or Indulgence (Dessert). Or you choose one from all three for a small up charge. It's all fine, elegant dining with amazing flavor and perfect presentation.

Texas Beets and Mascarpone Cheese
Crab Salad with Avocado Puree
Lox Ceviche, a favorite of the table
Pork Belly with a Chicken Fried Egg, a.k.a. The Ron Swanson
Chicken & Waffles with a spicy kick

While we were dining on our delicious dishes, we kept seeing pitchers brought to the tables around us and just had to inquire with the more-than-friendly staff. Really unique, they serve up their Sangria in a Saint Germain bottle. It not only looks cool, but is a refreshing delight for a hot Texas day.

We dined inside with the A/C blasting, but there is plenty of great outdoor seating for those days that aren't 100 degrees. Either way, indoors or out, you can't go wrong with Paggi House.

Front porch outdoor dining
Interior outdoor bar