Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bermuda, again

There are many things that attract visitors to the island of Bermuda

For me, there is a long list of favorite things:
 - the swoon worthy uniform of short pants and tall socks, 
 - lovely pink sand beaches with the bluest water, 
 - amazing fish chowder with sherry peppers sauce, 
 - swizzles and dark 'n stormys, galore!
 - and of course the Bermudian Accent, which I have yet to perfect: a mix between British, Caribbean, Jamaican, and just all around goodness (literally, the Bermudians are just good people).

The list of course goes on... But aside from my own personal draws, there is a history that brings many tourists to the island, starting with is the chance to see the world's smallest drawbridge:

The bridge is intended for a sailboat's mast to make its way through the passage and into the harbor. It measures less than two rulers in length (22 inches), and works! It's adorable.

Another popular attraction is the Unfinished Church:

When the original St. Peter's Church, dating back to 1620, was destroyed by a storm circa 1874, construction started up the hill on a new church in a new location. Well, the locals were not keen on a replacement and preferred to put all efforts towards restoring the original, which had already survived tough times and patchwork before. So, shortly after breaking ground on the new church, the work efforts were discontinued, but the landmark of the Unfinished Church still stands today.

You can pop inside for a closer look, but beware of potential falling stone. It's an old, incomplete edifice.

Lastly, I leave you with Gibb's Lighthouse. Constructed between 1844-1846, Gibb's has helped many a sailor from the Bermuda reefs and still stands tall today. Hike it up Gibb's Hill for a closer look...

The view from Gibb's Lighthouse is spectacular. It's certainly worth the climb up...

And after working up an appetite, you can even pop inside the lighthouse for a bite to eat in the Dining Room or Tea Room. We had a little afternoon wine and pizza, and it was delightful.