Saturday, June 22, 2013

To Auction, To Auction

Recently I attended my first "live" auction... 

It was a mid-modern century design catalog. The auction started off with a few sets of French Baccarat Crystal stemware.

I fell in love with these classic leather bound books, but I don't read Danish, so I had to pass on bidding.

This Italian glass and rosewood service cart designed by Emilio Lancia was a popular item. It outbid my price range, and I can understand why. Totally original and one of a kind.

The watercolor is called "Yacht Races at Sea" by Michael Frary, a known Texas painter. On the right is an oil painting titled "Riverbank" by Vera Simons dated 1946.

 These mid-century Wasssily-style (or Model B3) chairs designed by Marcel Breuer were really cool and in great shape. Also, I thought these Italian art deco cowhide ottomans were neat, and very fitting for an auction in Texas.

Now this was interesting... an Italian-made lamp that totally fits the modern era to a T. It's aesthetic and practical all-in-one with the blue glass lamp shape, cigarette holder with ash tray, and magazine rack/book holder. How useful!

There were a lot of chandeliers as part of the Italian estate collection.

We ended our time at the auction with the bidding of this Cased Chinese Bronze Emperor's Chariot Replica of the original that was unearthed with the Terracotta Warriors. This lovely painted and highly detailed model now resides with my in-laws! They had seen the actual Chariot on a recent trip to China.