Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nau's Enfield Drug Pharmacy

In a town that seems to be (for better or worse) embracing a lot of change, here is a place that has faithfully stayed the same.

Nau's Pharmacy (pronounced "Now's") is an Austin landmark.  Father and sons have been frequenting the place for generations, and hopefully there are many more to come.  

Where else can you go to get a burger while filling your prescription? 

No, they don't serve up any fries with that hamburger, but come on people, we are in the back end of a pharmacy and there are plenty of bags of chips to choose from, should that fit your fancy. Me, I was happy with just that tasty burger.

Many places claim a hand-packed milkshake, but at Nau's, you actually sit and watch behind the counter as all of the ingredients are mixed together. I highly recommend the malt, an upgraded milkshake.  We asked the server what the difference was between a milkshake and a malt, and he said the malt ingredient. I don't know what this mystery malt ingredient is, but it is amazing.  

Yummmm, malt...

Walk right in and you'll see plenty of household items to check off your list.  Continue further and suddenly you've landed your way into the setting of an old fashioned diner.  Feel free to go ahead and just grab a counter stool or a seat at a table.  Practice patience, they will get to you soon.

Sure, much of the drugstore's decor probably hasn't changed since its inception in 1951, but that's part of what makes it such a cool experience. Totally old school.

1115 West Lynn Street
Austin, TX 78703