Friday, December 7, 2012

Bistrot du Coin

DC is a cultural mecca - a true melting pot.  With the many visitors, travelers, and occupants, it attracts delicious foods from around the world.  One region of the world that DC seems to have adopted particularly well is France.  And thankfully, that adoption translates to the city's cuisine.

In Washington there is a plethora of French cafes and bistros.  We frequent many of the bistros that the city has to offer, but our favorite French food fix has to be Bistrot du Coin (pronounced "de qua").

Start off with a classic French cocktail, like a Kir Royale.  Then for starters, get a pot of Mussels.  You can go small, which comes with bread, or get the larger portion, which comes with both bread and fries for dipping in the all-so-delicious sauce.  Some of my favorites - La Traditionelle Mouclade des Charents (mussels in a light cream curry sauce) and Moules Bretonnes (mussels with lobster bisque).

For Entrees, I like to go with the classic Steak Frites.  My go-to is the steak with the shallot red wine sauce (Onglet a l'echalotte).  Although the Pave pepper cream sauce and classic Bearnaise dishes are just that - classic.  The Chicken Frites (Poulet roti au four) is also pretty tasty.  In the end, it's all about the sauce, and the French just know how to do it right, every time.


And then of course save room for dessert!  The dessert menu bids a tough decision because they are all optimal choices.  My top three favorites, which I like to get out as I have yet to master at home - Creme Brulee, Fondant au Chocolat (below), and the Chocolate Mousse.

For a good digestiv, I recommend an Amarretto for the ladies, and Grand Marnier for the gentlemen.

In times of mild temperatures, the windows open up for a close to outdoor dining experience.  Nab a seat by the window, if you can.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy the Parisian way.