Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brunch at Martin's

I know I have posted on Martin's Tavern before, but as I mentioned, Martin's really is our home away from home.  Along with Chris Matthews, we practically live there, night and day.  And, as I've also mentioned before, brunch is very important to Washingtonians.  So, of course we do the occasional Saturday or Sunday brunch at Martin's.

For groups of more than two, it's best to make a reservation and sit at one of the tables, booths, or best yet - in the Dugout, but when it is just us two, it is quite enjoyable to saunter up to the bar and grab a stool.  Gladly to greet you is Aniko, a wonderful bartender who isn't shy to talk of her glory days at Nathan's.  She will treat you well, as she always does us.

One of the best parts of brunch at Martin's is their signature housemade bloody Mary.  It's a classic, usually mixed together the night before by Aniko herself, but what tops it off is that the glass is rimmed in Old Bay seasoning.  Old Bay seasoning is like Ketchup or Mustard to an east coaster.  Primarily used to season steamed Maryland Blue crabs, it's a staple around DC.  And of course, reliable Martin's.

The menu offers your classic brunch staples.  Some of our favorites are the Eggs Benedict, any style, Buttermilk pancakes (seasonal pumpkin are to die for), and the good old Corned beef Hash.  There are a variety of options, including some pub style sandwiches like the Hot Brown or the Monte Cristo, and of course the British hangover classics of Bangers & Mash or Fish & Chips.