Tuesday, November 27, 2012

J. McLaughlin Tartan Handbag

There are certain accessories that just seem to fit at certain times of the year. My lighter colored Lilly dresses are best fit for the Summer, while I like to keep my darker plaids and patterns for the Fall and Winter.  So, now is the time of year that I choose my J.McLaughlin Tartan Handbag to accompany my wardrobe.
I think we can agree that the Gordon Dress Tartan pattern is adorable, and the brown corner patch pads with the accompanying brown leather strap really compliment the beauty of this handbag, but one of my favorite bits behind this purse is its functionality.  As you may notice above, there are two zippers sewn in halfway on each side.  How many times have you seen a gal searching the depths of her purse, desperately seeking that tiny mint case that is of course hiding in the bottom? Accessibility nightmare?  Problem solved.
Added to the list of joy of this handbag are the many different ways in which to carry the purse.  The leather strap fits comfortably in the palm of one's hand,
Or squarely rested on one's arm,
And best yet, the circle is perfect for over the shoulder.