Monday, October 1, 2012

Oktoberfest at Old Europe

Contrary to popular belief, the 16-day festival known as Oktoberfest actually begins in the month of September, and ends the first weekend in October (better get to catching up, if you haven't started your celebrations already). The festival roots back to the early 1800s and was essentially an outdoor fair - die Wiesn. It's the basis behind the festival - the eat, drink, and be merry - that has brought about such popularity worldwide, after all who isn't looking for another excuse to drink more beer?

In DC there's no place better to celebrate Oktoberfest than at good Old Europe. Order up some brews - a half liter (normal), liter (super-sized), or up the ante for das boot! Just make sure you have a friend nearby to help get you home if you order the boot...

 After a beer, or two, or three, don't forget to order up some classic German grub to soak up the fuzzy feeling. Otherwise, the portraits of the old guys on the walls may start pulling a Harry Potter on you.

Pretzel and Beer Cheese
Weiner Schnitzel
Braised beef with Almonds

You can't help but love the ambiance of this place.  It's no wonder that as the mugs start clanking and the piano is bouncing its friendly tune (most nights played by a blind woman, nonetheless), camaraderie is in its prime and friends are found at nearby tables.  The neighboring table on our last visit had a man celebrating his 91st birthday!  We all sang.