Friday, August 17, 2012


Oh how sweetly green it is... invoking the concept of true sustainability, in 2007 a couple of smart Georgetown University grads decided to set-up shop in their alum neighborhood encompassing all the hopes, dreams, and most importantly, food, that they were looking for.

What makes this place green, aside from the fact that they serve salads (for those of you with a bigger appetite, don't worry, they'll wrap it up for you), is the core concept of the future.  They practice composting with their leftovers, composting of their bowls, use biodegradable flatware, recycled napkins, cups, etc.  Also, they offer a Sweetgreen specialty bowl for purchase that those extra green foodies can re-use upon each visit.  In essence, Sweetgreen truly is a next generation stomping ground.

And it has only been proven that DC likes this new concept shop since they have been able to open up 12 shops in the first five years of their operations.  Way to go guys!

When it comes to the food itself, their salad ingredients are locally sourced and each Sweetgreen has a list of their farming sources posted in the shop.  They strive for Organic ingredients, so while the price point is sometimes a bit steeper than your local fast food joint, you know that not only are you getting the freshest ingredients, but the healthiest ones too.  Some of my favorite salads are the Curry Gold and the Santorini, but I also like the make your own option from time to time.

Around lunchtime these hot spots do get pretty packed, so skip the line and order online (only at select locations).