Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fornash Headbands

In 2002 the Georgetown shopping district was introduced to a new preppy brand to add to its already established list of lovely designer favorites.  Fornash first came to the scene with a specialty in handbags, including a design your own label, monogram and all.  Since, the retailer has expanded into other prepster favorites, including clothing, jewelry, belts, key chains, and even monogrammed lamps; you name it, they've got it.  Sadly, the store was recently pushed out of Georgetown with the yet-to-be-determined development of the Georgetown Mall, but it has found a friendly home over the bridge in Arlington's Ballston Mall in Virginia.

While Fornash itself is a great store overall, and I highly recommend a visit, I am here today to talk about the headbands.  I know, just the word headband can be a cringe factor to many - ouch.  Historically, headbands had always been a "beauty is pain" factor in my life.  Sure, you ended the day with indentations in the backs of your ears and a throbbing headache when you went down that night to rest, but it was worth the accented flare atop your noggin, right?  Well, pain no more ladies, I introduce you to Fornash...

One of the reasons that I believe these headbands work is because there is not a lot of stitching entailed, thus not a lot of material to heavy down the band.  They are made of a simply trad ribbon design with what I assume is some kind of plastic insiding that doesn't dig or point at any angle.

But readers, here's the catch, I sadly report that Fornash is no longer making these headbands.  Why not?  Great question, and one that I have been trying hard to get an answer to, but all I know is that whatever is left in stock and in the store is all that is left for the time being.  So, if you are looking for a cute headband that shockingly comes with comfort, run, don't walk to Fornash today!