Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sherman Pickey

Both Washingtonians and tourists alike know that when it comes to shopping in the District, you can't go wrong with a visit to Georgetown.  There are a many number of shops that line the popular intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Ave, but not everyone knows that some really fabulous shops can be found up the Wisconsin Avenue hill.  Yes, it's a hill, but it is worth the trek up.

One of my favorite stomping grounds is Sherman Pickey.  It's a uniquely local venue carrying clothing and accessories for both men and women.  Some recognizable brands that they carry are Lilly Pulitzer, Elizabeth McKaySouthern Tide, J. McLaughlin, Barbour, Smathers and Branson, and Bill's Khakis.  It's a prepster's dream come true.

The ever changing, always fabulous window display
Assorted ties cutely presented by foxes
Dresses of this season
Smathers and Branson Key Chains
Backroom filled with a plethora of stimulating women's apparel
Men's clothing in season