Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Halcyon Bangles

On a recent trip to Bermuda, we stumbled across these wonderfully vibrant enamel bangles.

Halcyon is a well-established brand synonymous with prestige in Great Britain. They are widely known for their enamel keepsake boxes, which have been a collector's item since the 1950s. Halcyon has been appointed three royal warrants by her majesty, the Queen, which means that they are an actual supplier of these goods to the royal family itself.  While this may be partly the reason for so many collectors, it's also a testament to the true quality of the product itself.

Recently, Halcyon dipped into the jewelry business, introducing these enamel bangles.  My husband smartly suggested I buy the pink one; after all, it was my Bermuda souvenir.