Saturday, December 5, 2015

Trees along 360

It's begun! 

At this time of year the beautiful pines alongside highway 360, a.k.a. Capital of Texas Highway, are morphed into decorated Christmas bliss. 

While not technically legal, and not for those faint of heart considering you decorate alongside a two-lane highway of cars, it has become a family tradition for many, year after year.

Again, 360 is well-known for its traffic, so sometimes you have to sneak a peek in between cars...

but it's well worth it!

Look low, and look high! Some brave souls climb to the tops of the rocks to decorate their Christmas spectacular.

One hopes that if you decorate a tree, you also return to take down those decorations. But thankfully the good guys at the Boy Scouts and the team behind Keep Austin Beautiful lend a helping hand to those that may forget.

And an added bonus - many trucks alongside 360 sell firewood for those few cold winter nights in Austin where the fireplace becomes a must.