Friday, April 11, 2014

Thos Moser Woodwork Chairs

A friend said to me, "There is a reason cocktail hour begins around five." She was speaking in reference to newborns and the so called witching hour that occurs in the early evening. Having just had a baby, I can appreciate this. Also, having a child, one starts to learn that there was a reason that someone invented the rocker.

Back in the day they knew how to make a good, quality rocking chair. It was comfortable to sit in and made to last. These days, while harder to find in grandpa's work shed, Thos. Moser has just what you are looking for.

The furniture is American made using local black cherry wood right from their backyard in the state of Maine. The company believes in sustainability - the piece should last at least as long as it takes to grow the tree - 75 to 125 years!

The woodworkers at This. Moser use element to element, or the mortise and tenon joint, so the wood pieces contract and expand naturally with temperature changes.

Whether young, old, or in between, you just can't beat a good rocking chair. And a quality rocking chair starts with craftsmanship. When it comes to quality and craftsmanship of wood design, no one does it better than Thos. Moser.

Not all styles are old school, they have some modern rockers too:

And there are non-rockers:

 Plus they make great looking, and feeling, bar stools:

Images provided by Thos. Moser