Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jack Rogers

Memorial Day tends to mark the beginning of summer.  And, with the beginning of summer, that means it is time to break out the summer-ware.  First on my list are the summer sandals, namely my Jack Rogers.

The classic Navajo-style has been worn for decades and generations (thanks Mom for the introduction!).  The story goes that it was Jackie Kennedy, not surprisingly, that originally introduced the sandal to the U.S. after a trip to Capri.  The sandal has been a prepster's closet necessity ever since.

Jack Rogers come in all different color combinations.  These days, not only do the colors vary, but you can even get all different sorts of styles, too.  And major bonus, they are some of the most comfortable sandals you've ever laid foot in.

Like all good items of quality, they only get better with age, as the leather on the bottom darkens:

'Tis the season to bring out your Jack Rogers, or start your collection today!