Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quality Seafood

Where do you get your fresh seafood in Austin?  Ask any restaurant and you'll get the same answer without hesitation - Quality Seafood Market.

While Quality Seafood has been around forever, having just celebrated its 75th anniversary, they only started serving prepared food in the past 30 years, a very welcomed addition from the locals.

Also, within the past year, Quality Seafood underwent a face lift with a renovation and expansion.  Austinites give it a major two thumbs up.

Whether freshly shucked or fried-to-order, the oysters are perfectly fresh and delicious.

Give 'em fried oysters a little hot sauce, y'all.

Fried Softshell crab (the Wednesday night special, in season).

And don't miss an opportunity to taste one of their grilled specialties, each with its own perfectly crafted in-house rub.  So light, and flaky, it puts the star of the show on display - the seafood itself.

For your sides, I highly recommend the hush puppies. Mmm, Mmm, good.

And don't worry, while the primary purpose is to provide their namesake (quality seafood), they do also serve adult beverages.  In fact, it's completely acceptable to just stroll up to the bar, grab a beer or a glass of wine, and get some freshly shucked oysters.  Can't beat that.