Saturday, September 15, 2012

DC Big Flea

It only happens four times a year, and we call it - the Big Flea. Merchants from near and far gather just outside DC for this 2-day extravaganza. And, for a nominal fee, you too can become a picker seeking out treasures galore. It's not your average flea market.

We've had the pleasure of perusing through the Big Flea a couple of times over the years and below are some of the lovely items that we now get to admire on a daily basis:

Look closely at the trunk... You can still see the name of the original owner that used the trunk for its actual intended purpose of travel, how cool! The vendor that sold us this trunk said that the more prosperous travelers would have a curved shape lid to ensure that when the trunk was stowed below, their luggage would remain at the top, as opposed to the flat top trunks that were stacked beneath one another. Crafty.