Friday, May 11, 2012

Encyclopedia Britannica

Did you hear these guys are no longer being printed?  Words to the wise - get your hands on a copy sooner than later because pretty soon these will be Antiques.

Recently my husband had the brilliant idea of adding a copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica to his birthday wish list.  Not only does the newly acquired edition look really great on our book shelf, but the edition is the year of his birth.  How cool is that, right?!

Encyclopedia Britannica was first published in 1768 in Scotland.  In 1901 publishing moved over to the United States.  And sadly, in March of this year, Encyclopedia Britannica announced that it would no longer produce print versions, with 2010 being the last edition published.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all about the eReader.  Technology these days makes it effortless to carry around hundreds of books without weighing you down.  It's easy and convenient, two words that us Americans love.  But, there is something comforting in the hard copy.  I'll admit that there are some books I buy both on the eReader and in the hard copy version to have on my bookshelf.  Though it does make me wonder, especially with the recent news about Encyclopedia Britannica, if one day hard copy prints will be a form of art.  I'm sure if we took a moment to ponder, we could probably come up with a number of items that were useful back in the day, and now we use those antiques to furnish our homes.  I guess that's life; we advance and move forward, but appreciate the goodness of old.