Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Barbour Bedale

When my husband first met me, he said he had never known a girl that owned so many sweaters. That's what happens when you grow up in the cold of Michigan. And being a gal from Michigan, I know a good, quality jacket.

In walks my Barbour Bedale:

What's go great about the Barbour waxed coats is that they are waxed. So any rain or snow (or spill of a drink) runs right off the side.

But what really gets the golden ticket for me is the sleeves. You know how sometimes you are outside, in the winter, in the cold, and a breeze makes it way right up your arm. Well, the Bedale has a soft wool inner cuff that snuggles its way around your wrist. Good luck sneaking in there!

Another thing that I quite enjoy about this jacket is that there is an under arm breathe way. When it's cold outside we like to layer - and layer and layer. And well, after a lot of layering, it can get a bit stuffy inside. I'm sure you get the picture. But don't worry, the studded vents won't let that breeze back in.

Mind you, the Bedale was initially designed for equestrians, so when you see it in the shop and try it on, you might notice that the back of the jacket has extra room, perfect for riders, but not so perfect for street folk. The intention is that a rider has room to let loose on the reins when atop a horse. But, if you are not atop a horse, then the extra room simulates the hunchback of Notre Dame. Not to worry, the back of the coat will drop. Give it a few wears and I promise it will break in.

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