Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Clark's Oyster Bar

With a name like Clark's Oyster Bar, you have to get some Oysters. We went all PEI, never disappoints.

We like to turn over the shells after sucking them down. Not only does it help you to know how many are left to be eaten, but also you get to marvel in the beauty of the shells, each one individually unique in design and color.

And when there are oysters, there has to be champagne...

The sourdough bread with chilled butter is a delight, but it's the flakey side of salt that had my taste buds in a constant state of delight. Salty dog.

For the main course, I always like to keep it nice and simple, so I went with the simply prepared catch of the day - Ocean Trout. It was perfectly cooked and crusted.

The husband got the Cioppino, which is to Italian cuisine what Bouillabaisse is to French cuisine. And some friends actually swear by the hamburger, seasoned in-house Clark's style.

With the same ownership, Perla's is the more casual older sibling compared to the three years younger Clark's, the more hoity-toity of the family. But both have really cool fish tanks for diners' entertaining pleasure.

It can be hard to get a reservation, but that's because good things come in small packages.