Monday, March 4, 2013

The Red Fox Inn in Middleburg, VA

Conveniently nestled about an hour's drive from DC, Middleburg is located just on the edge of Fauquier county, commonly referred to as horse country, and makes for a perfect day's getaway.  The drive is gorgeous with breath taking landscapes.  It feels just like the French or English countryside.

In the town of Middleburg, we like to head over to the Red Fox Inn for some brunch.  The food is good with a cozy, quaint atmosphere.  A menu must have is the classic, creamy Virginia Peanut soup - just a taste, because it is quite filling.

I was surprised, and comforted, to see The Georgetowner available at the Red Fox Inn.  After all, Georgetown is to DC what Middleburg is to VA.  It's like a city version and a country version, both with great shops, attractions, and similar crowds.

Speaking of wonderful shops, here are some of our favorites: