Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Brixton at 9th and U Street

Every once in a while we like to venture outside our beloved Georgetown to explore other neighborhoods of the city. This past weekend, I traded in my Sperrys and reached for my Toms as we headed over to the Brixton.

Brixton is a multi-cultural melting pot located in south London. Playing off the ethnicity of its namesake, the menu at DC's Brixton not only offers the standard fish and chips and other British pub fare, but you'll also see more ethnic staples like Jerk Chicken, Thai Curry, and Indian Tiffin or Thali.

We cozied on up to the second floor bar and marveled at the many British beers offered on tap.  Legit. Order up - two pints of Wells Bombardier, please. They also have some of my favorite bottled brews like Old Speckled Hen and Banana Bread, yum...

On to the food... The Sticky Toffee French Toast was truly incredible. When asked how it was, the staff forewarned of its dessert-like quality, but I'm glad I trusted my own instincts and went for it. Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, it was heaven melting in my mouth. Share? Do I have to? I had no problem being crowned Queen of the clean plate club.

The English breakfast was your standard full breakfast with two eggs over easy, house made sausage, slow-cooked pork and beans, a salty black pudding, and a tomato, perfectly roasted. Classic.

The decor is exactly as it should be. Look up to find antler chandeliers between dark wood beams. Welcoming fireplaces, cozy couches, and gold studded leather chairs invite you to kick back and relax. Paintings hang upon the walls next to portraits of olde.

As noted by others before me (Those that Brunch and of course, Tom Sietsema), there is some great stuff going on here, but they still need to pull it all together to take the Brixton to the same level as its successful older brother, Marvin. We waited the hour for our food to arrive, while others around us weren't as patient and departed with unsatisfied stomachs. The hostess did her best to apologize, and the comped beers are always a nice touch. It gives me hope that slowly, but surely, it can get there...