Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Breakfast at Walton's

Being a patisserie, there's nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Order up a cup of steaming hot coffee and start the morning off right, with a delicious macaron

But if you bring a bigger appetite, there's plenty to choose from:

The creme brulee French Toast is out of this world!  It truly melts in your mouth.

Or get the American breakfast - classic scrambled eggs and bacon with Walton's delicious house made bread. 

A side of fresh fruit comes atop a bowl full of complimentary berry yogurt.

All around I find nothing but compliments for this lovely bakery. A smile to start my day.

609 West 6th Street
Austin, Texas

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

St. George's, BDA

Some accidents happen for a reason, and the shipwrecked founding of St. George's is a welcomed accident. 

The ship was Sea Venture. Set forth from England to the Americas, it became caught in a storm, tossed ashore, and thus was the founding of the Town of St. George.

Entering the city by way of the water is still most common (and beautiful) today.

Fresh off the Ferry awaits White Horse Pub for all of your Rum Swizzle needs. Sit out back on the deck, kick back, and relax, or...

Take delight in all of the fish!

But watch out, they'll jump! Especially if you toss them a treat...

Like Hamilton, St. George's offers fine shopping, including one of my favorites, The Island Shop.

The Town of St. George is lathered in rich history. From its early founding, despite much by mistake, to the impact the island has had, both on locals and visitors alike. St. George's respects and epitomizes this history, displaying both in model and reenactment form.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Molton Brown

Their soaps, shampoos, lotions - I love them all!

Friday, July 4, 2014