Monday, February 8, 2021

Valentine's 2021 - Happy at Home

Well, we've all mastered our homemade bread recipes and found a new norm accessory in our friend, the mask. All this time for reflection has helped me to remember just how happy I am at home. 

So, as the Valentine's Day holiday approaches, I look for more love to add to my humble abode, and Nod Hill Soap has it all! I endorse their products, not only because it is local to my town (Wilton, CT) and because we live on a street called Nod Hill, but because the products truly are remarkable. You can order online (thanks COIVD-19), and these are some of my favorites:

Here are some other favorites of mine that would make for a thoughtful gift around the home: Tea for One Set, Molton Brown Products, C.O. Bigelow Products, Kiehl's Haircare, a Water Carafe & Cup for anywhere you want! And of course, there's always Godiva...