Friday, October 12, 2012

Eataly in NYC

So what exactly is this Eataly? It's pretty much heaven to all Foodies.  Rooting originally from Turin, Italy, a couple of famous chefs and restaurateurs, including Mario Batali, joined together to bring this dreamland to reality in the Big Apple. And so, speaking of apples...

Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh meats and cheeses... local when it can be, imported from Italy when it needs to be. Made in house when it should be. All in season. Quality ingredients for quality products. That's Eataly.

When it comes to pasta, the motto is "Keep it simple to keep it right". The selection of fresh, house made pasta is endless. They also carry almost every kind of quality dry pasta brand known to mankind, mostly imported directly from Italy. We happened to stumble upon some of the guys hard at work:

Eataly is also about education. They want the consumer to know the product they seek, it's origins and uses. So, there are signs posted throughout with information on the specifics and a cute little map of Italy, colored for the region of origin.

The cheese selection is top-notch, keeping those that should be fresh as fresh as can be, i.e. Mozzarella, and aging those that taste better with time. The Parmesan Reggiano gets its own devote section,as such a fine product should.

Yes, you do have to sometimes pay a premium, but that is because these are high quality products, folks. When you buy quality, you eat quality, you serve quality, and everything just tastes that much better. I'm not saying you have to go out and buy the White Truffles (although it is certainly tempting, right?), but I'm thankful that the option is there.

One of my favorite things about Eataly is that not only do they sell quality merchandise, but they will take the next step and prepare it all for you. Easy peasy. The NYC location has 12 different restaurants to choose from, each one with its own specialty - Fish, Pizza, Pasta, Meat, etc. Most recently added to the list is the Birreria, a rooftop jaunt with views to boot.

Rumor has it that the folks of Eataly are looking to open another location, and this time in Washington, D.C.! At first, the rumor was that they might occupy the recently emptied Georgetown Mall. I had my hopes up way too high, and then sadly news broke of other plans for the space. But, all hope is not yet lost since word has it that the proprietors are still looking for a D.C. space...

For now, visit Eataly in NYC, and I will continue to keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for the second stateside store to open in our very own Nation's capital.