Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mayfair & Pine

*** UPDATE: Mayfair & Pine has unfortunately closed as of March 27, 2013. ***

We had mixed feelings when our beloved Town Hall hopped up the hill to a new location (now well understood, and thankful for the bigger space), but the opening of the vacant space made way for a new establishment to be introduced to our city. With that I give a warm welcome to Mayfair & Pine.

Igniting the palate, each diner is first greeted with bite-sized buttermilk biscuits, so satisfying to taste. Somehow these little wonders can be both dense and flaky at the same time. Cooked to perfection and melting with just the right amount of sweetness on your tongue. Off to a great start...

 Having immediately spotted the Leek fritters on the menu, I was further smitten. A new twist on an old-time favorite. Order up, please! Also delicious was the Beef Wellington Nibbles.  Again, another original take on an old classic.

This British-themed pub was pleasing me left and right, so next, I just had to try the good ole Fish and Chips.  And of course, it was more crispy deliciousness.  Top the experience off with the fact that they have my beloved DC Brau on tap, and I will likely be headed back soon.

For those of you fellow Town Hall frequenters that just can't get past the fact of what used to occupy the space, don't worry, you will surely feel at home after you recognize the bar stools...