Monday, August 13, 2012

Kafe Leopold's

When the weather is nice and the outside temp is agreeable, we find ourselves routinely making our way down to Kafe Leopold's for brunch.  Us Washingtonians love our brunch, and enjoy being out and about, so with Leopold's you can have the best of both worlds.  Granted, there is indoor seating for those that need the pumping A/C.
An added plus, on Saturdays and Sundays, when brunch is at its peak, the ownership opens L2 Lounge for overflow.  We like to put our name in at Leopold's for a table for two, and then hop over to L2 Lounge for a cocktail while we wait.  They have some of the best Mimosas in the city, Bloody Marys are a standard, and boy do they have a refreshing Bellini!  That pure peach puree, yum...

They offer the complete menu at brunch, so you can go as light or as heavy as your stomach desires.  We sometimes start with the calamari, or split the Mussels.  And on those mornings where you may have been over served the night before, the fries are just what the doctor ordered.

One of our favorite staples consistently on the menu would have to be the Croque Madame.  Served just right with that delicious French ham and creamy Guyere cheese, and just a touch of béchamel.  The egg is just the right gooey consistency that an egg should be.  Uh oh, my mouth is watering in remembrance. 

Other brunch offerings do change from time to time. Most recently, I ordered the Serrano ham and egg with truffle grits (pictured below). You could smell that amazing truffle when the waitress put the plate down in front of me. Wow.

For those that tend to lean more towards the sweet savory for brunch, like a pancake or French toast, I would highly recommend the Scrambled Soufflé.  It's an interesting take on the classic French dish, and served with a delicious plum sauce on the side.  It could almost make for a dessert.

Speaking of desserts, the options are extensive.  Try to save room for one of their any original creations that come out looking like a work of art, and taste it too!