Monday, May 14, 2012

Peacock Cafe

In DC everyone does brunch.  I'm not quite sure if it has always been a custom of the city, or if it is a more recent fad among Washingtonians, but the question always arises, not so much as to where to eat dinner, but more importantly, where should we do brunch?

One of the hot spots for brunch seems to be Peacock Cafe.  If you are hoping to experience brunch at Peacock Cafe, you may want to start looking for a reservation right now.  Truly, the place gets booked up pretty quickly, and while they do take walk-ins, you may have to wait for up to an hour on a Sunday, give or take depending upon your party size.  I would recommend being proactive and booking your calendar a couple of weeks out.  But if you forget, or don't like to plan far in advance, there are a few seats around the bar that tend to turn over pretty quickly.  Also, the bar seats are great because you have constant service at your command.

Something special to Peacock Cafe are the house made smoothies.  There are many different flavors and options, and each one is delightfully fresh.  The orange juice itself is almost more of a smoothie consistency (just a heads up), squeezed freshly in-house.  Aside from the smoothies, Peacock Cafe is also special in the fact that they do carry Wheatgrass shots on the menu.  Some people swear by a Wheatgrass shot as to the cure of a late night of debauchery, but be minded that they really do have a hint of a grass taste to them.

Of course they serve up Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and the French Kiss is quite popular.  Their espresso and cappuccinos are quite lovely and genuine.  As far as the food goes, you really cannot go wrong.  There is a reason this place is so popular.  Some of my favorites for brunch are the Eggs Chesapeake, Eggs Benedict, Omelet of Egg Whites on my healthy mornings, or the All American when the Wheatgrass shot and espresso didn't yet do the trick.  Happy brunching!