Sunday, May 25, 2014

A new menu at Texas French Bread

Well folks, it's menu changeover at Texas French Bread, which happens more often than not, but is still just as exciting every time. New on the appetizer front are seasonally fried green tomatoes and a summer squash bruschetta.

But the shining star is the cucumber salad, who'd have thought?! The freshness provides for a flavor not many know a cucumber to have. And the accompanying mint highlights just that taste.

The lamb chops were delicious. Cooked just right and served with a sauce to be soaked right up.

Of course there are a few oldies, but goodies, including the pork milanese and steak frites. Beef that is perfectly Texas and Belgium-style fried to order frites where you struggle to share because they are so good.

And our repeat offender, we had to end with the coconut meringue cake. Another wonderful dining experience.

Below is the new menu: