Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fabi + Rosi

Chef Wolfgang Murber brings his German roots and Spanish culinary training to Austin with a European kitchen offering all the best of the best.  In walks Fabi + Rosi, adorably named for his nephew and niece.

Walk through the door and there's an immediate smell of truffle.  I'm smitten from the beginning.  But importantly, onto the food... Everything tastes so fresh, whether they say it or not (and actually they do say it), you know everything must come from within an 100 mile radius.

Obviously, keeping with the local concept, the restaurant works on a seasonal menu.  Right now we have Spring, and I can't wait for the summer release (rumor has it that Summer will be out around mid-June).  But here's what the Spring has brought us...

Starting with the sauce in the mussels - traditional and amazing.  Get the truffle fries (again, you had me at truffle).  Use them, and the bread, to soak up all the goodness.

The duck is cooked perfectly, medium rare, with a to-die-for blackberry sauce.  As with any professionally prepared dish, the sauce truly is the perfect compliment to the main attraction.  And you can tell this is one of those places where the chef eats his own food.  There is a purpose to everything on the plate.  The dollop of mashed potatoes may appear out of place at first, but they are blatantly available for soaking up what remains of the blackberry gastrique.

Try the schnitzel, and eat the schnitzel and spatzel together, yum.

As for dessert, just how amazing is this Crack pie - an oatmeal and caramel bar topped with whiskey and port infused whipped cream?  Sounds pretty awesome, but final vote TBD.  Everything was so good that we just did not save room for desert.  But not to worry, there will definitely be a next time.

Fabi + Rosi surely is a hidden gem, located in an adorable house on a remote side street.  There's just something you've gotta love about a husband and wife run business - and this bares no exception.  It's a cozy and inviting atmosphere.  Hop on over today - 509 Hearn Street, Austin, TX.