Friday, January 18, 2013

Spring Mill Bread Company

If you are in the DC area and looking for a dynamite sandwich, I recommend you make your way over to Spring Mill Bread Company

Spring Mill is a slice of heaven (literally a slice - get it?).  Just step inside, take a sniff, and marvel in the aroma of the fresh loaves of bread baked daily.  It smells so good you can taste it.
Some of my favorites sandwiches are the freshly roasted turkey, a classic PB&J, or the Hummus sandwich with your choice of veggies - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, and even add some basil!  I like mine toasted.  Yum.

Each sandwich is packaged up nicely in a foil wrapping so you can easily take it to go, where ever you may be headed.  Grab a seat down the street at a nearby picnic bench and dig in.

Spring Mill is located in the following DC metro areas:  Capitol Hill, Bethesda, Rockville, and Gaithersburg.