Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cafe Bonaparte and French Crepes

DC is just full of a multitude of French restaurants.  We're so spoiled.  So, you get to have favorites.  Your favorite place for Steak Frites, your favorite place for Ham & Cheese, your favorite place for Mussels, and of course, your favorite place for French crepes.  The latter favorite being Cafe Bonaparte.

Begin the night with one of their refreshing cocktails - the Pear Martini is my favorite!  It's the perfect aperitif ("before" meal) to end the day, but start the night.  Then, tease the taste buds with one of the many delicious appetizers. 

One can never go wrong with a classic French Onion soup, or a well crafted French-style salad.  The Mussels Belgian are delicious with that mustard cream sauce, perfect for dipping (order a side of Bonaparte fries to spoon up that sauce).  Also highly recommended are the sauteed calamari and the bruschetta.  And on my gosh, the risotto with asparagus and truffle oil, just divine.

And now, onto the crepes...  I greatly enjoy ordering up a savory crepe for my entree.  You've already had a drink (maybe two) and a lite bite, so the crepe is just the right accompaniment to fully satisfy your feast.  Some favorites - Budapest (beef with light cream), Marseille (chicken with red sauce), Mirabelle (shrimp with saffron sauce), or the uniquely Bonaparte Crepe Roll (seafood stuffed goodness).

 Then finish it off, of course as the Parisians would, with a digestif ("after" meal).  Order up an Amaretto, Grand Marnier, or one of their many tasty coffee or teas.  Heck, go ahead and combine the two with a Cafe De Paris - cappuccino with bailey's, amaretto, or frangelico.

Like a true Parisian cafe, they won't look to turn your table.  This can sometimes become a pain when you are waiting to be seated, as it does provide for a little bit longer of a wait, but once seated, you will be ever so thankful.  Kick back, relax, and let the good times roll.