Monday, December 10, 2012

Smathers & Branson Lifebelt

This time of year most people are in full gift giving mode.  There are lists left and right - mostly those items that you plan to give to others, and then of course, those items you wish for yourself. 

While attending one of our annual holiday parties yesterday, my better half was sporting a gift that I had given him a few years back, which judging by its usage rate, was definitely a success.  I highly recommend a Smathers & Branson Custom-made Needlepoint Life Belt.

So how do you get your hands on one of these?  Just email and one of their team members will walk you through all the details to design your own belt.  You can choose from some of their designs, or find a jpeg of your own to send their way.  They're very flexible and pleasant to work with.  It's your life, so you choose.

Unfortunately, the belts take about 6-8 weeks for sewing and shipping (hand stitched quality, peeps!), so it is a little late to get it under the tree for this year, but be sure to keep it in mind for other upcoming gift giving opportunities.

Insider Info for DC locals: the warehouse is located in Bethesda, MD off of River Road, so if you want to speed up the timeline, you can always call them and pick it up instead of getting it shipped.