Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hot Toddy Time vs Mulled Wine....

Come winter's cold, it's hard to beat a warm drink in hand.

Whether it's Hot Toddy, Cider and Rum, Mulled Wine, or a Fire Punch, they all help to warm you up in many ways!

Mulled Wine, a popular seasonal favorite has been around for ages, much as wine itself. Used for drinking, and cooking, and a mix in between, Mulled Wine most likely made its first appearance under the Roman empire. And while it may be called many different names in many different countries, with many different recipes, the one commonality is that it is served in the winter and served to combat the cold.

Mulled Wine Recipe

Your favorite bottle of Red Wine
Sugar or Honey
Cinnamon, and any other spices that you enjoy
Orange slices and/or Lemons slices and/or Apple slices

1) Pour your bottle of wine into stove top friendly pot and turn on the heat.

2) Add some honey or some sugar, not too much, just a touch for some sweet flavor.

3) Add your spices of choice - Cinnamon is always a favorite!

4) Add some fruit if you'd like, for flavor, or save it for a garnish upon serving.

5) Heat on the stove top over low-medium heat and remove right before a boil (you don't want to lose the alcohol!). Serve immediately.