Monday, November 21, 2016

Grand Reopening of Hudson's on the Bend

*** UPDATE: As of February 14, 2017, Hudson's is closed indefinitely. ***

In a recent exchange of hands, Hudson's on the Bend has made a big come back!

Last week I was able to get a sneak peek at the soon to reopen Hudson's on the Bend and ya'll, the food was incredibly delicious! I don't even know where to begin, but I'll try...

First up, I was greeted with a Venison Tartare served atop a sweet potato chip with fermented chili and black lime. I've had my Tartares, but Venison?! It was truly Hudson's, and it was truly amazing.

Right behind the first tray was a second tray coming around with a tasting of a pop-in-your-mouth sized house Fried Okra. You can't get much more Southern classic than fried okra...
Or can you? Coming out of the kitchen next, hot from the fryer, was a perfectly salted buttermilk Fried Chicken. It was addictive, too addictive. And the accompanying tomato was just the right touch.

In true Texas style, another tray carried around a Corn Tamale stuffed with smoked short rib and drizzled in salsa verde and crema. A wonderful bar-be-que Tex-Mex marriage.

And then I saw a guest grabbing two samples from a tray, explaining to the server that she just couldn't get enough, as she was combining the two bowls into one. So, I had to hop on over and give this one a try. It was the Snapper Ceviche with slices of blood orange, a drizzle of sunflower oil and topped with a petite leaf of basil. Yes, she was right, I wish I had grabbed two also.

The Sunchoke Tostones melted in your mouth. The Butternut Squash Tortellini was warm, buttery, and delicious. The Wagyu Ribeye was cooked to perfection, red on the inside, crusty on the outside, and topped off with a refreshing tartness. We all wanted more.

And the food just kept coming, round after round until I had tried at least twenty different bites of this and that, and the smile never left my face.

Serving Austin for over 30 years, some Austinites were nervous as to the recent changing of the guards, since Hudson's had a well earned reputation over the years, but I can assure you folks, the quality and care is all there.

The wait staff remains impeccable, sneaking in unseen to grab that discarded skewer not more than a moment after it was set on the table. And what's more, they are just as excited as you, if not more so, about the reopening of the restaurant.

And the renovations - fantastic. They took an already marvelous space and made it miraculous. Dining has been moved to a new level, both inside and out.

Hudson's reopens TOMORROW, November 22nd, so mark your calendars for a visit soon!