Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hot Drink Season

Cold comes quickly in my beloved Washington, and just shy of a month ago Martin's came out with their Fall Cocktail menu, featuring the Autumn Delight. According to the menu, it's a warming blend of apple cider, galliano, and cinnamon vodka. Sounds delicious, Washingtonians rejoice.

Well, my new hometown of Austin is just now catching up to the 30/40 degree temperatures of the season and I am reaching for anything in arm's way to keep warm, inside and out. And what's better than warming up with a hot cup of tea? Well, if it's after 4 o'clock...

Hot Buttered Rum. Hot Cider and Rum. Hot Water, spices, and Rum. They're all a win, win. Serve it right up in a lovely latte mug. Now how's that for Grandma's cough medicine?