Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Houses of Seaside

If you've ever been to Seaside in Florida, you know it is a magical place. 

And much of that starts with the houses, each unique in its own way. Seaside is a beach town, so the houses portray their environment with sturdy shutters and porches galore.

Each house is kept in such pristine condition, with colors so bright and beautiful.


 The houses are just one of the many reasons that it makes perfect sense to film a movie like The Truman Show in Seaside. Recognize the Truman house?

Even the replica birdhouse of this house is adorable and well kept!

Each house is unique in its own way, some even looking like southern manors:

More often than not you will see a bike (or two or three...) parked out front. It's a typical means of transportation within the community.

And many houses come equipped with a grill and your classic Adirondack chairs. 

Thank you Seaside, you're perfect.