Friday, June 13, 2014

The Salt Lick

You don't live in Austin and not know the Salt Lick.
You don't come to Austin and not visit the Salt Lick.
You don't know barbeque until you know the Salt Lick...

The Salt Lick has been synonymous with Texas bbq for many years.

It starts with the original open wood burning pit that has brought in settlers from both north and south for many generations.

Then you toss on meats of all kinds

Fall off the bone ribs:

Saucey Glazed Chicken:

That red-trimmed marble Brisket cooked to perfection, burnt ends and all:

There's sausage up top:

And sausage crisping down below:

Straight from the pit to the butcher, the meat is sliced and brought piping hot to the table.

Aside from low and slow, the secret is definitely in the sauce. There's the mustardy Original (my personal favorite), or a vinegar-based Spicy version. Both are the perfect compliment.

It's no nonsense, BYOB, family style seating.

And if you don't live in Austin, don't worry: