Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bess Bistro

*** UPDATE: Bess Bistro has unfortunately closed as of September 20, 2015. ***

Hey Austinites - have you been to Bess Bistro?  The food, the ambiance, the all-around-everything... it's a must!  Sandra Bullock surely knew what she was doing when she created this establishment.

Bess is the best of two of my favorite cuisines - French classics and Southern Comfort.  For starters you can get Fried Green Tomatoes or a crock of Mussels.  Warm, fresh baked bread is brought to the table, likely sourced from their sister down the street, Walton's, another Bullock gem (to be posted soon!).

We started with the crab cake, and it exceeded expectations, even for a former Washingtonian that had been spoiled on Maryland crab.

The main courses on the menu range from items like a Croque Monsier (or Madame) or Steak Frites to Shrimp and Grits or Shepherd's Pie.  My husband swears that the Roasted French Cut Chicken is some of the best chicken he has ever had.

And of course, don't forget dessert.  The Beignets are close to par with Cafe du Monde, outside of Cafe du Monde of course.  Top it off with a cappuccino and it is just a heavenly combination.

We will definitely be going back - if even just for a drink at the bar to enjoy the country cosmopolitan atmosphere.  Did I mention their amazing house specialty cocktails?  Bess is dangerously delicious in all attributes, but for that I am thankful.  See you again soon!