Monday, February 18, 2013

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Nestled perfectly on top of a hill in Charlottesville, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson knew what he was doing when he built Monticello.  The views are breath taking.

Thomas Jefferson was a pioneer of the ages, with fresh farm to table from his own front yard!  He really was ahead of the game, ahead of the times, and ahead of the trends.

And the house itself isn't so bad.  On the contrary, it's spectacular, especially considering the time period when it was built with the means (or lack thereof) of transporting the building blocks.

Thomas Jefferson was quite the inventor and his house only reiterates his ingenuity.  First welcoming guests on the front porch are multiple little gadgets, including a sun-dial compass and clock.  Throughout the house are other awe-inspiring objects, like the calendar over the front door, which self-functioned on weights that extended all the way down into the basement of the house.

Happy President's Day!